Customize Your Coins

Customize Your Own Coins

With your graphics and images, we can transfer them onto gold, silver and other metals like copper and aluminium. The graphics and images provided to us will be made into a mold professionally by our 3D designers. 


Singapore Finest Gold is committed to create products of highest quality. All designs are done with the latest softwares available. As designs are done using softwares, a copy of the design can be sent to customers for approval before the commencement of any work. Any modifications requested by the customers can be done easily. 


Equipment for making 3D punches

We also have the latest machineries that would be used to engrave it onto a mold. The gold or silver coins will then be imprinted with the mold. Sunshine Minting - Website divider

Common Requests by Customers

1) Long-Service Awards
2) Company Anniversaries
3) Corporate Events and Gifts
4) Religious Events (Eg. Baptism) 
5) Student Awards
6) Birthday Gifts
7) Teachers' Day Gifts
8) Wedding Anniversaries 


What Do We Require?

We would require the photos that you would like to used on your coins. Any photos of portraits or logos can be used.
A softcopy of the design of your coin will be done by our skilled designers. A copy can be sent to you for approval before the mold is made. 

For more enquiries on customization, email [email protected]




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