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Order (Sales)

  1. Depending on our inventory, orders are subject to availability of stock.
  2. Cancellation of order is not allowed
  3. S$10 local courier charges is applicable to Singapore address; Overseas delivery will be charged accordingly
  4. Upon confirmation of order, the leadtime is 2 to 4 week. (2) to six (4) weeks for delivery upon confirmation of your order
  5. For Payment dispute, a fee of $15 administrative fee for request of proof of purchase
  6. All import & custom duties & tax in respect of your order shall be borne by the buyer
  7. Singapore Finest Gold has the discretion to cancel the order(s) placed with us and refund the money.

Payment Mode

PayPal or Credit Card Payment

Payment using Paypal or Credit card is available using the website.

Telegraphic Transfer Payment

All fees/charges for the TT transfer shall be borne by buyer, this include  the bank charges to local and overseas bank. For more information on TT transfer, please email k[email protected]

Cheque Payment

Cheque is made payable to "Singapore Finest Gold" 

Return Policy

Within 3 days from the date of purchase, we accept return policy if the product didn't meet the quality requirements. As the precious metal price fluctuated from time to time, the price for the return goods can exceed the purchase price. Once the customer confirmed the payment, cancellation of order is not permitted unless mutually agreed.